Use of sand in construction

Today, sand is everywhere in construction. It is widely used in many types of work. Sand is found as part of many materials for construction, used to prepare sites for development, when conducting and repairing roads, arrangements of courtyards, for the production of solution, plaster and other building mixtures.

In construction for various needs, different types of sand are used. Sand is of natural origin and artificial. Natural sand is mined, and artificial is produced using crushing different breeds. In turn, natural sand is divided into river sand, career washed and seeded sands. River sand is mined from the bottom of large rivers, it has exceptional cleanliness and lack of additives. But it is very few. Career sand is very popular. The washed sand is mined by washing with water, as a result, it is cleaned of clay and dust. The sifted sand is cleaned only of stones and other large particles. Different types of sand are suitable for different needs.

Washed sand is very popular. To date, the sale of washed sand is carried out by many companies that sell building materials. Therefore, to get it is easy. Such sand, as a rule, is extracted in sand quarries in large volumes. The price for it is not high, although higher than for seeded sand. Washed sand is necessary for the production of building mixtures and other works, where the presence of clay and impurities is not desirable. For example, in the manufacture of plaster, concrete and products from it and so on.

Seeded sand is also quite common. It is used in road work, improvement of courtyards and other territories, for sprinkling roads in the winter and other needs.