Useful recommendations for the redevelopment of the apartment.

Useful recommendations for the redevelopment of the apartment.

If in the past, when performing repairs in the apartment, we used the standard set of materials and could not think about the transfer of walls and the full redevelopment of the apartment, today such repairs are more popular.

Carrying out repairs with a full redevelopment of the apartment implies the dismantling and transfer of interior partitions.

Change in the location of engineering communications, the creation of arches and a variety of niches. This repair allows not only to radically change the appearance of the room, but also to make it original and individual.

In most cases, during such a large -scale repair in the premises, they resort to the services of specialists of designers who develop a design project of a new internal interior. An experienced specialist will be able to create a high -quality project in which all the most popular architectural and interior elements of the design of the interior will be used.

The redevelopment of a private house can be carried out without receiving permission from special bodies that control the operation of the housing stock. But for redevelopment in the apartment of an apartment building, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate permit. Many homeowners neglect the redevelopment permit. It would seem what to get permission for – after all, no one will see the repairs made. This is true. But when re -registering an apartment or its sale, there are great difficulties. It is impossible to sell or re -register such an apartment. As a result, a large fine is imposed on the owner, and the repair itself must be completely redone.

Obtaining permission is not particularly difficult. You need to write an application for permission and submit to the application a draft of the repair work performed. Specialists in BTI will evaluate the planned repair work, and if they do not pose a danger to the supporting structures of the building, a positive decision will be issued for repair work with a redevelopment. In the case, if the redevelopment produced is able to influence the non -integrity of the structure, the order will be issued to change the repair project.