Using air fresheners

So that your house is always quite moisturized and well smelled, you will have to use air fresheners. The main task of the freshener is that it will have to eliminate an unpleasant odor, as well as remove small particles of fat and dust that are in the air.

To date, the most common type of fresheners is an electric freshener. They are produced two types:

• Fresisture freshener, which has a built -in filter. Thanks to this freshener, air is cleansed, and it is re -supplied to the room.

• Fref refreshors that do not have a filter. Such air freshener works due to the fact that the air that enters it is cleaned and supplied again through a special tube.

The installation of an electric freshener is carried out due to its suspension on the wall, at a distance of not more than 70-80 centimeters from the floor. Necessarily for an air freshener to have an outlet into which it will be connected.

Such air fresheners do not need special care, the main thing will need to change a special filter once a month, in which all the dirt is held, which is dug during his work.