Using niches to refine the premises

NISS to refine the premises of the modern interior of the niche play not only a functional, but also a decorative role. Therefore, before deciding to create niches, you need to think about what their purpose will be. It depends on this what parameters and colors they will have, and whether the backlight will be necessary. In a room made in discreet color, niches can be highlighted by wood, stucco or textured wallpaper. Wallpaper of contrasting color are also suitable. In the same case, if the room is already equipped with multi -level ceilings or focused on the finish, it should not be highlighted by decorative niches with bright colors. Otherwise, the room will look overly decorated. When it is planned to create a closed niche, it should be processed in the same way as the neighboring walls.

The use of backlighting in niches is appropriate in the vast majority of cases. Lamps for this purpose can be selected both very bright and barely noticeable. The main thing is that they show the visual depth of the object. There are no special restrictions in the forms of lamps. They can be a rectangular hemisphere or have a complex ornament. For framing, you can use wooden profiles. The niche designed in the bathroom can be finished with ceramic freezes. For those niches in which it is planned to store some kind of luxury items (for example, works of art), you should select the backlight with such an accent to give the deepening of a decent view.

A bed, a cabinet, a home theater, and book shelves can be located in a niche. Of course, in each case, the size of the recess should be selected separately. You can also put an aquarium or decorative fountain in a niche. If you competently place the shelves and dishes, then the niche will look very impressive. For a private house, the location in the niche of the fireplace or cozy chair is suitable. In addition, a dryer or washing machine can be in the recess.

If it is planned to create a small niche, it can become a place for placing many beautiful objects that complement the interior (for example, vases, souvenirs, various panels). A distinctive feature of this subject of the situation is the ability to replace one object with another at any time. Then it will completely change the entire decor. Therefore, a niche is an excellent tool not only to ennoble the room, but also to its constant update.