Further development of the new method of home building

Further development of the new method of home building

In the outer wall, it is extremely important to improve the solution of joints with the aim of reliable waterproofness and non -proximity. It is necessary to offer less expensive and scarce than foaming, insulation.

The large -panel house of this design has increased sensitivity to uneven precipitation of the building, which is unacceptable in the conditions of Leningrad soils.

Unsuccessfully resolved the end walls of the building, mounted from two types of deaf elements, which complicates the assembly; The floors are designed so that the installation of reinforced concrete elements is possible only after installing the supporting partitions of the above floor, which complicates the installation of both load -bearing partitions and ceilings.

Even more economical foundations of residential buildings, either piles, or from lightweight panels, as well as there are no improved techniques of comprehensive mechanization of the zero cycle, have not been introduced.

There are still a lot of and creatively work to the designers to eliminate some “leveling” in the architectural appearance of the newly built -up plants of large urban territories, since in the new quarters, as a rule, the same type of residential buildings with unified sections and uniformly solved facades are being built.

With the new method of housing construction, the nature of the work of design organizations is fundamentally changed. To develop experimental and typical projects of buildings and especially intended for production at house -building plants is necessary with special care and knowledge of specific production conditions.

Factory production of typical houses cannot be short -term, frequent change of designs is unprofitable. The most insignificant mistakes made in projects can cause serious damage. Consequently, the project of the House of Mass Management should satisfy the most stringent requirements – technical, economic, architectural and household. Under the new conditions, the disunited work of designers, house -building plant workers, designers of machines for the production of buildings, technologists, and technologists’ elements are inconvenient.