What paint to choose when staining walls?

Use paint or wallpaper for a quick and inexpensive change in the appearance of the room? Thanks to the economy and ease of these technologies, such changes can be made as often as you want it. Paint is of course the most inexpensive and effective wall design technique, this allows you to make certain changes if necessary. In specialized stores there is a huge range of colors where you can choose a suitable paint for a particular case. When choosing a paint, it is necessary to think not only about the appearance of the walls, because the decoration of the apartment with your own hands is a laborious process in which it is also necessary to consider in what conditions it will serve. Will this room be damp or hot, which will be cleaned by the walls wet or dry. For premises with high humidity, for example, in the bathroom, you should import paint specially designed for such purposes. Water -based paint has a water base, so it dries quickly enough. True, they are less durable. For a stronger effect, the paint is diluted so that the original color of the painted surface is shone through its layer. Oil -based paints are of various types, some create a glossy or floor glossy surface, while others such as porcelain enamels are ideal for painting wood and metal. Such paint should only be applied to carefully prepared surfaces, since any irregularity will be even more noticeable. Latex -based paints include natural substances, so the colors of these colors are warmer and natural. Enamel these paint allowing to achieve a special effect. Prepared on the basis of turpentine essence and oil varnish with oil paint. Its covered surface is distinguished by elegance, brilliance and certain chic. The type is created that the surface glows.