Pipes for heating

In order to dilute the coolant through the premises, pipes are used, which are now produced in several types. Metal pipes, known for many years, can be galvanized, stainless, steel. Metal neocying pipes must be welded, having a coating – to connect using a thread. This is a laborious job that cannot be done without professional knowledge. Pipe without coating are subject to corrosion.

Copper pipes are the most expensive and most durable, not subject to corrosion. They require welding with professional methods.

Metal -plastic pipes – they are made of aluminum covered with layers of polymers. They are easily mounted, but do not like excesses, in addition, they have more resistance to water passage. By the way, now they often began to use plumbing partitions they are not very expensive.

The pipes of plastic or a combination of plastic with metal have a significant drawback – they respond to temperature, therefore, when cooling the heating system and its new launch, leaks are possible.

Constantly maintain the temperature in the system in the summer – wastefully. For such pipes, a press and threaded connection is used, the installation is simple, but it is better not to undertake without experience for it. It is better to choose pipes in accordance with a pre -developed project.