Using rotary crushers.

Rotor crushers.

To date, to crushing and grinding rocks, the rotary crusher is most often used. There are crushing-sorting complexes that are designed on the basis of rotary crushers. Such complexes are aimed at obtaining mineral crumbs and powder, as well as various feed additives. With the help of such complexes, both grinding and narrow classification of bulk materials are carried out.

Some types of crushing-sorting installations are designed to process construction waste and the production of cuboid gravel. There are rotary crushers with different 10th capacity. Cube -shaped crushed stone, produced using rotor crushers, is of high quality both in the fractional composition and the content of cuboid grains.

Due to the high degree of crushing, rotary crushers are effectively used for fragmentation of limestone, marble, marvel, shell -brown, gypsum, dolomite. Such devices are also used in the production lines of waste processing to obtain secondary raw materials (crushed stone, gravel, sand and other building materials).

Rotor crushers have some undeniable advantages. These include:

– high degree of crushing;

– obtaining cuboid crushed stone;

– selectivity of the disclosure of useful elements of rocks;

– compactness, low weight;

– the possibility of regulating working parameters in the process of crushing;

-low metal – and energy intensity.