Using stained glass for decorating the kitchen

Stained glass windows are considered one of the aesthetic interior elements. Stained glass windows can be painted, stencil, mosaic, air and light, enriching the premises with a special mood.

In our time, stained -glass windows are used to decorate bedrooms, children’s rooms and living rooms. Stained glass windows in the interiors of kitchens look very harmonious. The use of decorative glasses gives not only aesthetics, but also the practicality of life. Stained glass windows of modern types differ in strength and durability, as they are made using modern technologies that provide glass hardening.

Stained glass windows on the facades, which traditionally occupy a large surface and give food for the imagination of designers look especially good. Thanks to the thin palette and skillful execution to all households, it becomes more comfortable. Cooking will bring exceptionally positive emotions, and cleaning on and washing dishes will become a much more fun process.

For the production of stained glasses, a whole range of methods is used. In the manufacture of Tiffany stained glasses, the wrapped pieces of glass are used, soldered together and painted. A sandblasting way of applying a pattern is now popular, which is resistant and mature effect and effect. When creating stained -glass windows, they resort to fusing – a special high -temperature technique of sintering of glass fragments. And one cannot forget about the artistic drawing – about exclusive copyright paintings performed by real masters.

Modern kitchens can be decorated with ceiling stained glasses, thanks to which the premises become owners of unique temperament and character. Such premises become a cozy place to collect the whole family.

Not only ceilings or facades can become beautiful in the kitchen. Stained glass windows can be placed on the walls, in the form of original paintings, in the form of a watch combining a bright pattern and an accurate mechanism.

To care for a stained glass window in the kitchen, where food is regularly cooked, and steam is released abundantly, you need to use special means. It is not difficult to clean the stained glass, even in the presence of convex and concave elements. Stell your foam sponge, soft cloth and degreasing agent. You can use vinegar solution, diluting vinegar with water in a proportion of 1: 5.

Wash stained -glass windows for the kitchen, like simple glasses, and remove drops of fat using the reverse side of the sponge, which before this in a degreasing solution.