Wall insulation in the apartment with polystyrene foam

Wall insulation in the apartment with polystyrene foam

Even in the most modern apartments, owners sometimes have to conduct wall insulation. Due to the fact that there is a need to maintain the area of ​​the room as much as possible, a subtle heat -insulating material must be used to implement such a task. Polistyle foam may well become them.

It is easy to work with polystyrene foam, but this process has some interesting features. The preparatory work consists in the fact that the surface for laying polystyrene foam is well aligned and covered with soil.

Additionally, a crate is stuffed on the wall, which then will become the basis for fixing facing coatings. It is not necessary to lay foam polystyrene on the cladding. It is placed between the individual strips of this frame.

A glue mixture is used to fix the polystyrene foam. Placing plates of thermal insulation material must be very tight to each other. If possible, then they fit in a checkerboard pattern so that the thermal insulation layer does not spread over time at the seams.

A day after gluing the heat insulator, it is additionally grabbed by fixing elements. Dubel with wide hats can act as them.