Wallpaper gluing technology

How everyone knows how to glue the wallpaper, but sometimes not all preparatory work is performed, it is precisely about them that will be discussed. After all, the result will be achieved as much as possible only if all the rules and sequences of actions are observed. And provided that every year the building materials market is significantly updated, each work needs its own specialized approach.

Work should start with the layout. First of all, it is worth deciding on the choice of wallpaper, their type and what room or room they will be pasted over. Before starting gluing, it is worth preparing the walls correctly. First of all, old wallpaper is removed. To evenly and quickly remove them, it is worth softening them with a conventional soap solution. If the wallpaper is paper, then everything goes smoothly, if vinyl, then for better softening it is worth it to scratch them, so the solution will reach the paper base faster and the wallpaper will move away from the wall.

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If the walls are painted, then you will have to spend more time and try to remove the paint, if this fails, then the wall can be cleaned with sandpaper, preferably larger. You can do the same with whitewashing, but it is better to moisten the wall with the same solution and after some time remove the whitewashing with an ordinary spatula.

After preparing the walls, you can start direct gluing. A few more tips will help improve the result and facilitate the process. As soon as you moistened with glue wallpaper, leave them for a while in order for them to be saturated, but do not overexpose, otherwise there is a high probability that when fixed on the wall, in the process of smoothing they can break. While the wallpaper gets wet, you can use a small volume of adhesive solution and apply it to the wall, the wall will soak and will not pick up all the moisture from the wallpaper. So they will take the wall faster.

It is best to start gluing from the window, if there are no windows in the room, then from the door. And to improve the properties of the adhesive solution, you can add a little PVA to it.