Warm floor

Recently, the warm floor has firmly entered our lives. And is no longer an expensive quirk of rich people. Today the warm floor is available not only as additional heating of the room, but also as an independent heating system, replacing the usual radiators.

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Warm floors are electric and water. In turn, electric ones are divided into liquid and film. Liquid electric warm floors are mounted in a screed for almost any floor covering, except for cork and parquet. Film warm floor appeared relatively recently. He is two types:

Carbon – can be used in any room, and, not only on the floor, but also on the walls and on the ceiling.

Bimetallic – designed for laying for flooring (laminate, linoleum, carpet), does not fit under the tile.

The film floor is installed easily and quickly.

The water floor is arranged in the same way as ordinary heating, only instead of radiators are used pipes of small diameter from special material. And it is located on the floor. It can be used for any floor covering, including parquet. The heat from such gender is distributed evenly throughout the room.