We lay the foundation for the home for the log house

We lay the foundation for the home for the log house

In our country, building a house from a log house has become a tradition. However, it is very difficult to do it. In this construction, each stage of work is quite important!!

First we are developing projects of one -story houses. The final result of the work depends on this stage: the life of the building and the assessment of its quality ..

Next, go to the foundation that will depend on the factors in the development of the project.

For small houses, a columnar foundation is suitable. With this form of the foundation, do not forget to ensure the protection of the pillars from the power of squeezing side clutches. When installing, withstand a step from the pillar to a column of two meters.

For houses with a larger area, a strip or supporting foundation is better.

The strip foundation is recommended if the house provides a warm underground or basement.

About 5-15 days will take the construction of the foundation itself. Then he must get stronger and withstand at least 2 days. And ideally best and about six months. Recommended season for laying the foundation summer, and hot. On such days, an increase in strength occurs much faster. And remember that the strength of the house you erect depends on the foundation!!!