We remove the fungus in the apartment

First of all, it should be cleaned the walls of the wall from the fungus using a brush. After that, it is necessary to rinse them with any detergent available in the apartment. Of course, all this is done on a cleaned wall of wallpaper and plaster.

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After a day, the walls are treated with an antiseptic in two layers. It destroys fungal disputes not only on the surface of the walls, but also on the entire depth of impregnation.

Further, after 3 days it is required to work twice the processing of the walls with a hydrophobizer with an interval of 5-10 minutes. between layers. The solution concentrate is pre -diluted with water like 1: 3. It gives the water -repellent property to the wall, which will greatly reduce the moisture content of the wall itself indoors.

If the walls get wet throughout the thickness, then without fail from the outside it is processed by a hydrophobizer. Due to the water -repellent properties of which, the frequent ingress of moisture from the atmosphere, freezing the outer part of the wall, as well as the spread of mold indoors is prevented.

If necessary, then the next step is repaired interpanel seams and forced ventilation is installed. The work of the subsequent finish, which includes wallpaper gluing and painting the ceiling, is completed.