What materials are best used when repairing the hallway

If you are repairing the entire apartment, then the repairs of the hallway must be left at the end of the work. And the repair itself must be attentive to the features of this room. This is due to the very function of the hallway. People from the street come here, and it serves as a connecting link in residential premises with the outside world. Therefore, the materials that will be used must be appropriate.

Let’s start with the walls. At first, of course, the front door should be installed (if it is planned). If the house is old, replace the wiring in the walls, and align the walls and put it in the walls.

Regarding the materials, then there is something to choose from. You can offer the use of vinyl wallpaper. Durable and reliable material. The only negative point is that this is not natural material, and they are not permeable for air. It is also recommended to use liquid wallpaper. They are easy to apply and restore damage. They require good wall decoration before application, otherwise they can turn yellow. If you are not familiar with this material, then you can easily find examples of work on the network.

You can use linoleum as a flooring. Inexpensive material that is easy to wash. Another material for the floor is the tile. It is desirable that it has a smooth surface for ease of washing. It is better not to use laminate, because he does not like moisture.

As for the ceiling, you need to proceed from its height and quality. Halled ceilings will look good in high apartments. If the ceiling is smooth and perfectly prepared, the usual painting is also suitable. In addition, you can use stretch ceilings, tiles or wallpaper.

Summarizing the above, I would like to note that the hallway should consist of materials that are easily washed. And try to make this room a lighter room, this will visually expand the room.