Arbolite house.

Arbolite house.

Arbolite has a different name – wooden. This is a new type of fairly light concrete, in which the main type is a chopped chip that is combined with cement.

The structure of the tree is slightly different from other aggregates that were previously used. As for the strength of the strength, it is much larger when compared with foam block.

This building material is considered environmentally friendly and is famous for having high thermal insulation characteristics. Arbolite largely exceeds expanded clay concrete especially in thermal conductivity. If a room is heated, in which the walls have a thickness of about thirty centimeters, it leaves much less energy carrier, when compared with a brick building.

The strength of the arbolite can be determined based on the quality of the wood filler. In addition, the average density can also affect this indicator. This includes a brand of additives that will be applied, the uniformity of the structure, as well as the level of cement consumption.

If you want to get arbolite with strong indicators, it is advisable to use the aggregate, which is designed for four months, which should be made of wood.