Choosing a water cleaner for a house outside the city

To choose a functional and highest quality device for water purification in the house outside the city, you need to figure out what you want to purchase, and how this filter will be operated. There are a large number of filters that differ both on the principle of action, orientation and configuration, and in evaluative value. Depending on a certain analysis, certain types of filtration systems are selected.

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The task of purifying water is mainly solved using the filtering installation installations. A feature of such attitudes is the periodic revival of the properties of the filtering environment due to the recovery process made in mechanical mode. In this case, the pollution accumulated in the filter is thrown into the sewer.

Recovery is carried out as the working properties of the filler are extent, mainly during the lack of water analysis. The duration of the recovery cycle is one and a half to two hours. The frequency of recovery is determined by the amount and type of backfill, the volume of the water produced, the amount and composition of the pollutant, but at least once a week. To revive the properties of most filter media, regenerating types of solutions are used. The supply of the desired number of the solution from the tank of the reagents is automatically performed.

The reagent tank is used to store and prepare a recovery solution. The volume of this tank directly depends on the amount and type of filtering environment. The reagent is poured periodically (once a month or a little less often), the water for the solution is supplied mechanically during the regeneration process.

With the help of this system, this type requires a change in the filtration environment once in a few years. The probability of biological overgrowing is also significantly reduced.