Consider the key properties of modern wallpapers

Consider the key properties of modern wallpaper

At the moment, there are a large number of types of wallpaper. For example, smooth or embossed, washable, vinyl and others. There are paper wallpapers, corrugated, smooth or embossed. In addition to simple paper wallpaper, there are, washing and moisture -resistant and paper wallpaper with vinyl coating.

We will not forget about vinyl wallpaper, which are similarly relief. Based on the room, it is necessary to make your choice with wallpaper features, for example, vinyl wallpaper is better to use for the kitchen and bathroom, since they are resistant to moisture and do not at all require special care efforts.

There are wallpapers that are not created for residential premises, as harmful substances are distinguished, therefore, when choosing wallpaper, pay attention to their environmental friendliness. So, the main qualities of the wallpaper are:

1. Moisture resistance – provides the possibility of cleaning with water. Usually used for kitchens and bathrooms.2. Density. There are light and strong wallpaper.3. Light resistance. This type of wallpaper does not burn out in the sun.4. Vapor permeability. Has a great influence on the microclimate and allows the wallpaper to dry well.5. Price.

The wallpaper must be selected, which have 1 batch number and one article. Before cutting the wallpaper, they must be checked for a noticeable marriage, and in case of detection, change in the shopping center. It is desirable to inspect the coloring of the wallpaper in natural light, since in synthetic lighting, colors can be mistakenly perceived by the eye.

Get the glue suitable for the selected type of wallpaper and, when breeding, follow the memo on the package.