The minimum number of reinforcement rods

The minimum number of reinforcement rods

Therefore, we give only brief excerpts from some foreign norms, the distance between the vertical rods of the reinforcement cannot exceed a three -time wall thickness, or 45 cm, the distance between the horizontal longitudinal rods of the reinforcement cannot be more than 1.5 times higher than the wall thickness, or 45 cm.

Vertical reinforcement should not be bandaged with clamps if its number of concrete area or if we are talking about reinforcement, in stretched or slightly compressed zones. The minimum reinforcement coefficient for steel with a periodic surface is taken equal to vertical reinforcement for horizontal reinforcement.

The norms are focused mainly on elements of a rod nature and do not contain indications regarding the distribution of vertical reinforcement along the entire length of the wall, as well as regarding its ligation with horizontal longitudinal reinforcement and clamps. The normative order, according to which the maximum distance between the vertical rods of the reinforcement of compressed elements should be 50 cm, refers to the first.

These values ​​can % when using rod reinforcement with a diameter of up to 16 mm from steel with a turnover limit at least 4200 kgsm2 or when using welded nets from rods with a diameter of up to 16 mm.

According to the norms of Great Britain as reinforced concrete, you can consider a wall with a minimum percentage of reinforcement with vertical reinforcement (relative to the entire section).

In this case, the amount of horizontal longitudinal reinforcement in the compressed region should not be less steel with a high limit limit or the nominal diameter of the horizontal rods should be no less nominal diameter of the vertical rods, but always at least 6 mm. Clamps are required in compressed areas if the reinforcement coefficient of vertical reinforcement is 2%. Their diameter here should be at least a quarter of the diameter of the thickest rod of vertical reinforcement (compressing), but always at least 6 mm. The mutual distance between the clamps in the horizontal or vertical direction should not exceed a double wall thickness, in the vertical direction in addition to the nominal diameters of the rods of vertical reinforcement.