Construction of buildings from sandwich panels

Wall sandwich material is quite deservedly of excellent structural and finishing products. Its availability in the assortment of the construction segment provides the opportunity to quickly build both residential real estate and buildings with industrial purposes. The use of light and solid, as well as cheap material in the construction sphere, provided the ability to build buildings without laid a fundamental structure. Therefore, the need immediately disappears in the use of heavy earth equipment.

The design of this material after installation forms the maximum even surface level, which does not require additional finishing work.

In a situation of deformation of any section of the partition, it can be changed without any nuances for a new panel. The materials from which these products are created have a low level of hygroscopicity, resistance to a rapid grip of temperature regime, perfectly maintain the heat inside the room. And to everything else, these products are environmentally friendly – does not contain harmful substances for the surrounding territory and people.

For the production of this material, in the role of the supporting system, a P-shaped profile structure of galvanized metal is taken. The upper protective surface protects against the effects of any external unfavorable environment. Inside the frame is thermal insulation products, consisting of polystyrene, basalvolvol -fiber and minimum towers.

Industrial enterprises produce certain types of wall products, with a thickness of 2-0.19 m, and 7.4 m wide.