Features of the winter construction of the cottage

Many have such a stereotype, according to which it is precisely the warm season of the year that is the optimal period for the construction of a country house, but this statement is not entirely true. The construction of a country house is not only the filling of the foundation and the construction of the building itself, it is also the search for a good brigade, the design of the necessary permits and documents, the coordination of legal issues, and so on.

Of course, building in winter is a good way to save, but it is always necessary to remember that in the cold period of time it will not always be possible to use part of the solutions of dry building mixtures. So, for example, it is impossible to use glue in the case of you use gas silicate blocks. It is also better to carry out work on laying communications in the warm season, but you can order everything you need in winter. Aries – buy metal -plastic pipes and reinforcement from the manufacturer with a significant discount in winter.

In the event that the foundation was not prepared in advance, then to ensure the preservation of the properties of concrete, it will be necessary to use anti -control mixtures and additives and heat concrete, maintaining the optimum temperature. Often builders perform all concrete work in a special insulated tent. All these manipulations only increase the cost of work, therefore, if you want to save on the construction of a country house, then you need to prepare the foundation in advance when the air temperature has not yet become negative.

If it is planned to be used as the main building material of the brick, then to preserve the plasticity of the solution, it is necessary to add a number of chemical additives.