Corrugated board and its application

If we talk about corrugated board, it should be said that this is a roofing material that consists of a profiled sheet with a galvanized steel and also a polymer coating. Different manufacturers make a variety of coatings for this material using polyester, plastisol.

In recent years, the material has become quite popular and therefore it is actively used for roofs and facades. If you start understanding, then the corrugated board is almost the same as the metal tile. Both data are made from the same material, but now, it is worth noting that they look quite differently. The metal tile only repeats the pattern of ceramic tiles, but the drawing of the corrugated board is a little similar to the slate. The waves of corrugated board have a variety of height and shape. Corporals can be trapezoid, rectangular, sinusoidal.

Corrugated board is used in construction in the roof of the building. In addition, it is worth saying that with the help of it the walls of garages, automobile sinks, and warehouses are faced with it. Also, do not forget that it can be used as a frame, if it is necessary to build any object, for example, a stall or a small store in a quick time. This material is also used in some cases during the construction of fences or fences, awnings. And besides, the corrugated board found his application in the construction of large buildings for non -removable formwork.

Corrugated board very light material. This is what makes its transportation much cheaper to the right place. This material is very durable and, moreover, quite strong. It is worth focusing on the fact that its service life is from fifty years. Corrugated board is distinguished by its huge color scheme. Coating in corrugated board will never burn under the scorching sun.