Preparation for cosmetic repair of the apartment

The following types of work can be attributed to cosmetic repairs: work related to whitewashing and staining the ceiling; pasting walls with both walls; painting doors, windows and skirting boards; Cycs and varnish of parquet and wooden floors, as well as laying linoleum and ceramic tiles.

It would seem simple work, and preparatory work is necessary for their production. Firstly, it is necessary to try to free the room in which the repair will be carried out, from all furniture. If this is not possible, then move the furniture to the center of the room, providing yourself with access to the walls and corners of the ceiling. In this case, the furniture itself must be covered, preferably a large piece of plastic film. All this is done quite easily, because it is not the design of buildings, but just a small rearrangement.

If the floor is not planned, then the existing floor covering must also be protected. For this, several pieces of packaging cardboard are enough, which can be taken in any store that trades industrial goods.

As you know, cosmetic repair begins with the ceiling. Mean from it and it is necessary to start preparation. If the ceiling was stained with water -dispersion paint at one time, then a metal spatula will be needed to remove exfolved pieces. If the ceiling is whitewashed, it must be thoroughly blurred to the base. Next, we remove the old wallpapers that we do not need. If the wallpaper does not lag behind the wall, then they must be impregnated with water and then remove with a spatula.

The old coating of windows, doors and skirting boards should be removed only if it exfoliates or cracked. Otherwise, the old coating is quite good to wash well.