DIY foundation cladding

Made a facade and do not know how to beautifully finish your home foundation? In this case, we advise you to choose a ceramic tile. Today there are many different types of this material and, moreover, a variety of colors is very large. So you will definitely find exactly what will suit your new facade. And how to install such tiles, we will tell you today.

First of all, you need to correctly calculate the amount of tiles, as well as think about its appearance and color. After all, the main thing for us is that everything looks harmonious together. In addition to the tile itself, we need to buy a spatula, glue, crosses, grout for seams and a set of rubber spatulas for grouting.

But if you need to not only put the tiles, but also carry out other construction work, then you will need a stainless sheet for the sale of which is carried out and via the Internet.

If all the materials we need is already at hand, and you have already divorced the glue with water, then you can start. First we need to properly set the basis for styling from below. To do this, take a flat rail and, using the building level, fix it well to the bottom of the foundation. Now from this rail we will lay tiles.

We take a spatula in the hand, collect glue on it and rub it carefully on the inside of the tile, also apply glue to the surface of the foundation and then we attach it. Please note that you do not need to apply a lot of glue on the foundation, because it dries very quickly, and the tile can be poorly gained.

When laying, be sure to use special crosses. They must be installed between the tiles so that all seams are even. As soon as you lay out all the tiles, you must wait for it to dry, and then wipe all the seams.