How to glue non -woven wallpaper properly?

Paper wallpaper overlords uneven walls – in vain spent time and money, a room, even with thoroughly pasting, will look fresh but wretched. An alternative to ordinary wallpapers are non -woven wallpaper, which well mask the irregularities of the walls, they are wider than standard wallpapers and their cost is higher. By purchasing such wallpapers, the buyer often wonders how to properly glue non -woven wallpaper, which is necessary for this? The non -woven wallpaper is perfectly glued, not critical to the uneven surface of the walls and hold well, provided that you did not save on the wallpaper.

It is important to decide on the wallpaper tint before pasting wallpaper. Light blue color creates the appearance of empty space. Red tones make the room hot and stuffy. Light green shades, lilac and the entire spectrum of beige, brown shades are well suited for the hall. Attention should be paid to the texture. Crowned lines, shape of stones, pressing are suitable for rooms with uneven walls and angles. Buy wallpapers that do not require fitting drawings decorated with chaotic strokes.

Glue the wallpaper from the window opening and from top to bottom. If the dimensions of the room resemble the wrong parallelepiped, then you should not cut the wallpaper of the same length, otherwise you can cut short panels that are not suitable.

So that the joints do not peel off, use a special tape for joints. If the wallpaper has a decent weight, this method is preferable and will not make you worry about the quality of the joints.

If you are engaged in the pasting process alone, the pasting scheme looks like this: canvas – wall – strip. Remember that the glue dries quickly and the work should be carried out promptly. If you stuck the wallpaper strip wrong, do not be afraid to peel off it from the wall and stick as it should.

Be careful, in the process of pasting and until the wallpaper is completely dry, do not create drafts in the room.