Features of facade tiles

Facade tiles are an excellent material that is used for facing the house, has a rich selection of textures and colors, and also pleases with excellent operational capabilities. Facade tiles are suitable for wholesale facades of buildings and structures, and can also be used for a high -quality decor of rooms. Operational characteristics are very reminiscent of brick characteristics. And due to the variety of choice, you can even create an imitation of brickwork or masonry with tiles.

Types of facade tiles are different. Often selected tiles made of natural stone, which is made of natural materials. Such tiles are considered an indicator of wealth and status, it is durable, durable and very beautiful. True, the weight of this tile is quite large, the installation is difficult, so it is not too convenient to carry out work with it, the minus is that if it is necessary to choose such a tile, it is quite difficult.

Crammary borderline is a stone created by hand. In appearance, porcelain tiles are very reminiscent of natural materials, and consists of quartz, spar and clay. This material is artificial, it is distinguished by strength, durability and high quality. Since the material pleases with moisture resistance and perfectly opposes the influence of the external environment, its service life reaches 150 years. Of the shortcomings, labor -intensive installation can be noted.

Concrete is the cheapest version of facade tiles. This material is not much different from natural stone through the use of modern technologies. There are many options for the colors of it, it is light and mounted simply. But concrete is not the best option for a cold climatic zone.

Ceramics differs the greatest variety. I simulations of different options for brick masonry are available, including clinker brick and hand -shaped brick. The basis of this composition is clay, but this option is not pleased with the strength.