Frame house

Frame house

To date, technology in construction has gone to their perfection. At home can be built from very light and rather strong building materials. But along with the advent of aerated concrete and foam blocks, houses based on the frame began to be built.

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What is a frame house? This structure can have a foundation, and can be built without it. The soil on the site for such a house does not matter. The frame house is a single integral design. The frame itself is made of metal pipes of a variety of diameter and size. Metal corners are also used. Each element of such a frame is fixed with each other using welding. This gives the stiffness and strength of the metal structure.

After the frame is already ready to eat on it sheets of OSB or plywood. Both of the material is considered environmentally friendly and is able to be used in any living room. Also, do not forget about insulating materials. They help to provide the necessary indicators of the efficiency of at home.

From above, such materials are closed with another sheet of plywood or OSB and facing material is attached to it. For these purposes, siding or plastic is often used very often. Such materials are not exposed to external influences of weather conditions and are very easy to use. Their cleaning can be carried out using a hose with water.