How to build a bathhouse from a log?

A real Russian bath was always built from a log. Despite the small size of the building, this task is not as large as it seems at first glance. If you have no experience in building a log house, then it is very difficult to build a bathhouse.

So why are banks from logs are considered the best? Everything is simple. Wooden walls hold heat well and breathe, passing steam and air. In a bathhouse from a log house you can breathe in special air in which you can feel a noticeable smell of a tree. Also a tree environmentally friendly material. The bathhouse from the log house looks very cozy.

To carry out the construction of baths, you will need coniferous forest forest forest. Logs of such a forest are characterized by a dense internal structure and good breathability. The thermal conductivity of such logs is zero, which means that the bathhouse will be good to keep warm. In order to install a chopped bath, pure pine tree and spruce are suitable. The trunk of such trees is even and long and therefore, when installing, it is not necessary to use forth logs. If you think that you can’t cope with the installation of the bath, then it is better to order it to specialists. They even install turnkey baths at affordable prices.

First, logs are selected from which the walls will be installed. This is necessary in order to preserve the protective layer of wood. When calculating the thickness of the walls, it is necessary to take into account climatic conditions and a given temperature in the rooms. Local climatic conditions depend on the width of the grooves. If the air temperature is minus thirty, then the width of the grooves should be one hundred twenty millimeters, and if the air temperature is minus forty, then the width should be one hundred and sixty millimeters. You should select even tree, in diameter which should be thirty -two centimeters.

Then you need to process the logs, fabricate and thrine, but remove no more than one centimeter. This will ensure the action of environmental protection.