Wall of brick house

Actually, red brick in Kharkov is considered one of the most durable materials in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. But, like any material, the brick has its weaknesses and disadvantages to destruction under the influence of external factors. Rain, winter frosts and summer heat can over time damage any brick wall if it does not have protection from these external factors. Under the influence of external factors, the brick has the ability to loosen and crack.

If you do not protect the wall in time from the effects of these natural phenomena, then the wall can very quickly give a crack and completely become unusable. So many brick houses are destroyed if you do not prevent such a destructive effect of external natural factors on a brick unprotected wall. But if it has already happened that the wall began to collapse, then, of course, the first thing, it is necessary to eliminate the destruction of the wall in one place that will affect the fortress of the whole house. The repair of the destroyed brick wall should be proceeded with the cleaning of the destroyed place from all the remnants of the destroyed brick, dust and dirt.

The destruction place is necessarily washed and treated with a primer solution. After a short drying, the place of destruction of the brick wall begin to repair the place of destruction. If the opening of the destruction is insignificant, then you can patch it with a concrete solution. But if the opening of the destruction is greater, then new bricks are used to seal the destruction, which are defamed by the destroyed opening in the wall. New bricks are laid on a concrete solution. The renovated opening is treated with waterproofing bitumen mastic or other waterproofing solution.