How to glue wallpaper on drywall

Gloring wallpaper on drywall is much easier than a translation of medical texts, currently many of us have done repairs. This is not at all difficult, in this article we will tell you about the simplest way. Walls made of drywall, before gluing, the wallpaper must be leveled. To do this, a layer of putty is applied to drywall, which, if necessary, after a certain period will remove the wallpaper painlessly. Therefore, before gluing the plasterboard wall, it will be plastered with wallpaper, then primed, after drying, they give time so that the primer “grasps”.

In the process of gluing the drywall walls with wallpaper, special attention should be paid to the joints between the sheets of drywall, they should be thrown especially carefully, sealed with a painting ribbon and treated with fine -grained sandpaper paper. After the surface dries, it should be again sanded and disgusted.

After the final drying of the primer, the walls of wallpaper begin to glue the walls. The process of pasting wallpaper on a drywall wall is no different from applying wallpaper to a regular wall. In order to keep the wallpaper reliably, it is necessary to use exactly the brand of glue that the manufacturer recommends.

Before applying a sheet of wallpaper to the wall, it must be marked, then cut off from the roll, leaving a margin of 10 mm long. When marking a sheet designed to overlay the angle, a stock should be provided, which will be wrapped on the adjacent wall. The implementation of these measures will reliably fix the wallpaper, thereby ensuring coziness and beauty in the room. After smearing with glue and applying the sheet to the wall, it should be gently smoothed and remove air bubbles.