How to transport metal tiles correctly?

Proper transportation of metal tiles is no less time -consuming process than the installation process itself. On the basic rules for the transportation of metal sheets will be discussed in this article.

You can feel the very first problems when transporting a purchased roof from the store directly to the construction site (if you do it in your own car). If the ship employees were delivered, where you bought a metal tile, then there should be no problems, unless of course the employees are highly qualified. But we are not always ready to pay a fairly large amount, only for one delivery, and therefore most often we prefer to take care of transporting the tiles for ourselves. However, at the very beginning of unloading – you can regret it very much about this, because it is at this stage that the metal tile is most bowed and deformed: the profile distortion and certain processes that violate the paint and varnish are occurred.

In order to avoid the above problem, before the start of transportation, it was necessary to carefully read the rules for the storage, loading, delivery and unloading of metal tiles. After the material was successfully delivered to your destination, before unloading it, you should find a perfectly flat platform (which you should have prepared in advance) and carry all the sheets there exactly there. Moreover, the sheets should be folded on special lining of wood (the thickness of which is at least 50 millimeters), it is worth noting that such a “platform” should be more than the dimensions a little more than the materials stored on it. During the transfer of profiles from the car to such a platform, you need to carefully ensure that the profile in no case bends. Why? – You ask, but because during the deflections of the metal tile, the so -called “transverse wave” occurs, which subsequently leads to the barrel -like species of the entire roof. Naturally, such sheets are almost unrealistic to establish.