Correct your doors.

Nowadays, it is not rare to encounter such a problem as a poorly closed entrance wooden door. This problem arises as a result of various weather and natural conditions. To carry out repair work, a special rubbish will be required, which will allow us to remove excesses of the damaged door.

Nowadays, all wooden entrance or fire doors undergo a special impregnation process, which allows them not to be afraid of moisture not water.

Wooden entrance doors made of soft wood begins, they will deal with time as a result of this protective impregnation.

In order to protect the doors from moisture penetration and avoid this process after buying a wooden front door should be immediately painted.

You should also view the door for various defects, as a rule, the weakest places of any wooden door are holes for loops and locks.

If your door closes, this does not mean that it swelled as a result of moisture. First, try to screw the screws in the door hinges more tightly, if this does not help, then your door is really swollen.

Remove the door from the hinges, and with the help of a shirt, remove part of the tree from the door in the place where it clings. If you have a carpent experience, then this will take you 15 minutes. If there is no tool or experience, contact the builders, they are required to perform the same warranty actions. If there are no guarantees, just call the master.

To do this, you will need to look at the places that prevent your doors from closing their pencil, after which it is necessary to remove the door from the loops and leve it with a special shirt.

Successful repair work.