Installation of a screw foundation: preparatory stage

Today, a screw pile foundation is a rapidly gaining popularity design designed to create the basis for the construction of a residential building. It can be used on almost all existing types of soils. He is able to withstand considerable physical exertion. You can adjust the amplitude of stability by proper selection of the diameter and length of pile products. By the way, in Moscow, the installation of the foundation on screw piles for the house is carried out. You can find out more detailed information about it on her official website pile foundation. RF.

However, before the direct installation of such a foundation, a number of preparatory work should first be performed first. It is necessary to mark the pile field. This work plays an important role in the device of the pile foundation, since the slightest deviation from the plan can lead to various deformations in the grillage tape.

To make markings, you will need the following items: long twine and rods of reinforcement. Most often, the marking of the pile field is carried out in the form of a square or rectangle. Before marking, geological reconnaissance of the soil should be carried out on the site to determine the exact number of piles and their type. With the help of rods, future corners of the house are noted. Between them then the twine is tightly pulled. During the markup, the rod cannot be touched, otherwise they can shift. Do not forget that if there is a fence on the site, then it is necessary to observe the parallelity of the lines.

The rods of the reinforcement must be installed outside the boundaries of the future foundation, so as not to interfere with the installation of piles