Building a dacha made of wood

Building a dacha made of wood

The tradition of building wooden buildings is already the first century, but in the time of the dominance of typical construction (concrete and brick), wooden construction took the 2nd plan and was used mainly in the construction of baths.

Currently, the construction of wooden buildings is being revived due to the appearance of the latest ways of processing wood. Completely new methods of construction give the ability to build long -term and strong buildings. A wooden cottage is stylish.

Should be kept in the head and practicality of log cabins. Wooden dachas are environmentally friendly, because for the construction of country houses it is not necessary to use building equipment and building materials, because the tree is a natural material.

In addition, wood buildings are characterized by thermal insulation qualities that provide us with the opportunity to significantly save when maintaining heat in the room. Also, wood blocks do not require internal processing, because the wood rock has a neat species and can be the basis of the interior.

Often a summer cottage is a simple seasonal design, which is built from cheap materials, where the tool or equipment for the garden is most often stored. In modern conditions of life, the construction of summer cottages began to be considered as an opportunity to have at home for a comfortable habitat in nature. After all, the tree has unique strength and the ability to resist the surfaces of the climate.

Therefore, wood houses are the best option for summer housing.