Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpapers are two layers, one of which is paper or non -woven, the second consists of polyvinyl chloride, which makes it possible to use this material when facing kitchens and if necessary to wash the walls.

Depending on the quality of the upper layer, the wallpaper is divided into three types:

– the upper layer consists of a foamed vinyl. Such wallpaper is usually rough, thick, have an uneven surface. In the manufacture, they undergo hot processing, which is why they are called foamed. Due to their texture, these wallpapers hide the shortcomings of almost any wall; Recently, they often use the services of the site

– The upper layer has silk threads (silk -screen printing). In most cases, these wallpaper is dark painted and smooth. The wallpaper of this group is very decorative, racks to fading. Strength and moisture resistance allow them to use them for decoration of rooms, where wet cleaning of walls is often required using detergents;

– The upper layer is represented by a relief, dense vinyl, which makes the wallpaper very resistant to wiping – they withstand washing with a brush. Such wallpapers are the best suited for finishing kitchen rooms and bathrooms. Drawings on them often imitate panels, tiles, stone, wood.