Steel is in demand in the construction market, due to its positive properties, namely: a combination of high strength and small weight, corrosion resistance. Moreover, these characteristics can be increased by adding the necessary elements to the composition. You can buy cement in Mozhaisk at low prices at the link given.

For example, increasing the chromium content of a little higher than 10%, you can get higher resistance to rust. If you add chemical elements that can change its properties to steel, then it becomes legisled. The strength of such steel exceeds the usual one by half.

All the qualities that steel possesses are not used in construction. Basically, because of the high cost of alloy steel. The strength of the structure can be increased by increasing the cross -sectional area, or selecting a more durable profile, it will cost cheaper than new material.

Steel is used mainly in the production of two types of products – reinforcement and profiles of steel. The reinforcement made of steel is divided into wire and ribbed, the diameter can reach 32 millimeters.

Steel profiles are used in assembling metal products, for example: fences, stairs, beams, various farms.