Need a house from a bar?

The Empire Group of Companies has been building country houses for more than 11 years that delight their inhabitants with the comfort and quality of work performed. During this time, she acquired an extensive engineering and technical experience, starting from the drawing and ending with the surrender of the object. The company offers a wide range of services: designing housing, houses made of allocated logs, bricks, cellular concrete blocks, combined houses, as well as turnkey build houses.

Wooden buildings have long been erected in Rus’. Today, such houses are gaining popularity again. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, wood is an environmentally friendly natural material. Secondly, wooden houses create a special microclimate throughout the year: in the winter months the room is easily warmed up, and in the summer it holds cool air. Thirdly, dwellings made of wood are reliable and durable. They have the ability to withstand many cycles of thawing and frost. Such houses can stand for more than a hundred years if they are cut down correctly. In addition, the finishing materials used can increase the life of the building. Fourthly, expressive texture of the material and quick construction.

Customers can choose the material based on the budget. Houses made of sharply or unrestrained timber are the most economical, and from glued beams – exclusive. The latter have a number of competitive advantages: lack of cracks, high quality wall surface, the ability to start finishing immediately after construction work, since such houses do not give shrink. Houses made of glued timber, as a rule, are designed with a spacious living room and several terraces. The area is usually from 250 kV. m., And the Finnish architectural style is taken as the basis.

Whatever option, it is chosen to order a turnkey house in the company of Empire is to save time by entrusting all the stages of construction to qualified specialists.