Use of screw piles in low -rise construction

In the previous article, we examined the use of screw piles for the foundation of light buildings – terraces, houses and baths. However, screw piles are used in addition to this and for the foundation of fences, gate and even garden paths.

The calculation of the quantity and diameter of the screw piles is quite complicated, but it can be ordered free of charge from the specialists of the Group of Companies “Vint Monolith” on this page: SDELAT-ZAKAZ. Phone and email are necessary to clarify the details of calculation and delivery.

Screw piles allow not only to make your home or fence more durable even on “playing” soils, but also the installation of the foundation to speed up to two days. No need to wait a month while the concrete froze, as in the manufacture of a strip foundation. A few efforts to screw the screws into the ground (you can first dig up to deepen the screw), welded work to create a stable binding of all piles. And the foundation is ready for the installation of the house itself, fence or other object.

Screw piles are produced with various types of protective coating. One is cheaper, the others are more durable and do not require additional maintenance during operation. The choice of coating also depends on the composition of the soil and the height of groundwater. On screw piles, you can build houses even in the zones of spring flooding.

Despite the fluctuations in the course and increase in metal prices, in the company of the screw monolith prices for screw piles reduced. And they also offer to make a discount when ordering on the site. That is, the chances that you will find cheaper is not.

The company not only delivers piles and equipment for their installation. Complete consulting services provide here. You can also order the installation of a pile foundation. Specialists of the screw monolith will do everything in the best possible way. Tested on its own experience!