On the advantages of a columnar foundation

On the advantages of a columnar foundation

There are several types of foundations – strip, composed of foundation blocks, columnar. The most remarkable invention of them is a columnar foundation. Remarkable for many reasons.

Column foundation:

– allows you to save building materials;

– perfectly draws the load of the weight of the structure in the ground;

– does not require labor -intensive earthwork;

– durable and stable;

– dispensed with formwork and lumber for her;

– does not need deep vibrators or vibration;

– poured quickly, without a large number of workers. In their free time, you can find out the price list for stainless steel.

For a columnar foundation, you need: roofing material, minimum reinforcement, small concrete mixer, shovel and a couple of working hands.

The sequence of the bay of the foundation column:

– marking is made, the place and number of pillars are determined;

– Digging holes about 50 by50 cm. at least 60 cm deep (in the swampy area there will be more depth of instillation);

– A sheet of roofing material is placed at the bottom of the pit, necessary so that the water does not immediately go into the ground;

– Concrete is poured with a thickness of 10-20 cm and in the middle reinforcement is inserted high into the future foundation pillar;

– A tube from a rude roofing material with a diameter of 10 cm, which is gradually filled with concrete is put on the reinforcement;

– After the bay of the first 10 cm around the column, it is necessary to sprinkle the ground so that the mixture does not flow out from under the tube, and continue to fill the concrete. Repeating this sequence, all the pillars are poured.