Thermal insulation of the basement

As you know, the basements are located much lower than the ground level, in this connection there is a constantly increased humidity, and, accordingly, the air temperature is much lower.

Therefore, the basements just need to be insulated, otherwise black mold and fungus will start there. If such a room is regularly heated, then its walls need to be well insulated. The lack of freezing of basement walls will prevent the appearance of harmful condensate.

It is worth noting that insulation of the walls of the basement can eliminate the negative impact on the foundation of the house with severe frosts. If this is not done, then there is a probability that the foundation will soon crack, which will negatively affect the integrity of the whole house. Professionals advise using askocardon as insulation material, since it has excellent performance characteristics. This material is also fiery, and this will help to protect the basement from fire. After work on thermal insulation of the basement, its free space can be rationally used. The basement can be used as a gym, billiard room or make a functional relaxation center from this room.

The basement is insulated in two ways: internal and external. Some experts advise warming this room in two ways to increase the level of thermal insulation. When choosing a material for thermal insulation, you should correctly plan a free room. Do not clutter up too much, as this will only worsen its functionality. After the thermal insulation process, the walls of the walls with decorative moisture -resistant plaster should. This will help to avoid excess humidity in the basement, and also add aesthetics to the basement.