Calculation for the vertical load of the building

Calculation for the vertical load of the building

If you need a turnkey bath or house, then you should find out which company is engaged in and the production of baths from the beam. Go to the website of the Successful Stroy construction company and order yourself a bathhouse. If we depict the effect of the creep of concrete dependencies in accordance, all elements have the same age and if the reinforcement on the deformation is neglected, then the values ​​of statically indefinable values ​​are determined as follows.

Here it is accepted equal from 2 to 5 (depending on the humidity of the medium) time from to the moment being studied, time from a statically indefinable structure. When assembling from elements of the age of age, the tense state of the design of the nodes is almost not felt.

However, in reality, the effect of creep is largely reduced due to the rigidity of the longitudinal reinforcement. The influence of steel rods of reinforcement can be approximately taken into account by introducing the coefficient. The calculation of the joints of various designs of prefabricated frames used and abroad has already been published, so we give only the basic constructive principles motivated by the requirements regarding static, “the work of the joint.

Space between the coastal elements. In accordance with the thickness of the bed joints should be at least when filling with the solution, cm when filling with concrete.

Vertical seams allow the same minimal thickness as in bed joints, only at the lower end the maximum of a height. The recommended design of the joint of the horizontal elements of working mainly on the bend in accordance, the upper end of the element, the minimum width of the seam is recommended to be taken equal to 3 cm if the solution is filled and 5 cm when filling with concrete.

The mowed part of the end section when determining the number of reinforcement can only be considered, its slope (relative to the axes of the fitting elements) does not exceed.

Issues related to the selection of cross -section and consideration of the static effectiveness of joints.