Structural builder systems of the building

Structural builder systems of the building

A physical representation, which will also explain the uniform convergence to us for a forced harmonic movement in a horizontal direction with a circular frequency of CO and the amplitude of deviations equal to one.

Curves, on the contrary, represent an increase in static deformation caused by the action of normal force. So, for example, a member expresses an increase in the deformation of the rod with its initial deviation and t. D. And finally, the mixed expresses a change in the initial deformation caused, on the one hand, the action of the forces of the inertia of the other side, the axial static load of the rod with the initial deviation. The meaning of the rest of the members is understandable and it can not be explained.

From the physical essence of the problem it follows that with a sufficient number of steps of iterations and increment, you can make an arbitrarily small. If in the formula we know the necessary functions, then we can determine the forces that arise with the forced oscillation of the supports. Until now, so far the parameters 0 and % 0 will be non -metic and curved rods. Unlike straight rods of constant section, only the calculation technique will change, and the main idea is preserved.

The equation describes the forced fluctuations of the console caused by the harmonious variable force of the rod attached to the free end. With its own fluctuations, the exciting force is zero, and the elastic forces are balanced by the forces of inertia. Frequency equation.

When considering three members, we get two conclusions from the above example. Firstly, using the method of dynamic growths, we are approaching the exact solution from above. Secondly, due to the fact that there is a single change in the signs in the equation, it has a maximum of one positive root.

According to it, in accordance with it we will be able to calculate only the main own frequencies. This frequency corresponds to one degree of freedom, which we suggested in the oscillating console. This degree is horizontal movement.