Using blue shades in the interior

In nature, there is a huge variety of blue tonalities: starting from light – turquoise, azure, known to everyone of blue and completing the darkened options – indigo, purple, ultramarin.

These colors, as a rule, can be associated with the blow of the wind, the expanse of the sea, the current river, a clear sky, the streams of the waterfall … what is fascinating, can bring serenity into the soul, clings our gaze, helps to temporarily disconnect from any anxiety, anxiety.

Everyone knows perfectly well that a person can look at burning fire and running water for hours. People have long used blue shades to make life more comfortable and comfortable.

In the highest degree, successfully clean notes of blue are combined with whitish. A guest room, decorated in this way, without a doubt, will be more spacious, will be able to create a feeling of freshness and coolness, will be able to help find a serene mood. Although the real tone is a cold color, this color is possible delicate and pleasant to use light -rose, light -orange, various shades of coffee and other warm coloring.

This characteristic also applies to the bedroom. And in the bathroom – azure, turquoise has no alternative at all. Blagly found gamma in blue using other colors can make almost every room stylish and cozy.

Engage in the choice of color shades for decorating the space of a room, apartment or office premises – undoubtedly, a matter of purely designers. If you decide to personally do this, then you must keep in mind the most important thing: light coloring of the blue color can increase the dimensions of space, and the dark, on the contrary, reduce the size of the room. In this regard, when the room goes to the northern cold side, then it is more advisable to use light blue colors or combine them with each other, which, as a rule, is able to perform only a professional designer-former.

Interiors facing the windows to the warm south side of the world, with good intense light of the sun, is more advisable to decorate using turquoise, blue and other clear shades of blue in combination with whitish (like the sky with clouds).

Psychologists say that blue of different shades has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. It reduces the possible consequences of depression, can calm, levels stress and, as a result, improves the general condition: improves mood, removes fatigue, removes headache, restores pressure. In some nationalities, a bright blue color is recognized as a love color.

Well, when the blue of the room is combined with a beautiful blue sky from the PVC window, it turns out complete idoli!