Using heat guns.

Thermal guns and their features.

Nowadays, thermal guns for premises (heat -tents) are very popular, which are used to heat warehouses, garages, industrial buildings, shops, construction sites, etc. The main advantages of thermal guns are:

– The strength and durability that the metal case provides that protects against various mechanical damage;

– The rapid heating of the room is carried out due to heating elements that are very rapidly heated, and thanks to the built -in fan, air exchange is improved between the heat control and room.

– Thanks to the built -in power regulator and the thermostat, you can adjust the speed of rotation of the thermal talent and the temperature of the room. Когда достигается заданная температура, происходит автоматическое отключение нагревающих элементов, а при понижении температуры они автоматически включаются.

Various heating elements are used in thermal guns: ceramic, heating and spiral.

In low -power (up to 3 kW), heat -renections are used by ceramic and spiral heating elements, in the guns more powerful – the shades.

It is undesirable to use heat guns for heating living rooms in view of the fact that they burn oxygen.

Takents are more affordable than other heating devices. They are produced at 220 V (up to 5 kW) and 380 V (more than 5 kW).

In addition to the above, heat guns are also produced in which water is a coolant. They cost a little more than electric guns, but they significantly save electricity.

If you decide to purchase a heat gun, then select it by power according to the following calculation: 10 square meters of area with three-meter ceilings and normal thermal insulation of the structure, 1.0-1.3 to WT power is necessary.