Varieties of wooden arbors

Varieties of wooden arbors

With almost any country house, the owner tries to make a gazebo for a good rest in nature, which can not only embellish the entire personal plot, but also become an excellent place for inspired conversations of the whole family.

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Wooden arbors differ in size, structures, as well as the type of wood breed used. After you have decided on the material for the gazebo, you need to think over the design of the future building, since it can be open or closed, which can be the design of the walls of the gazebo and its configuration.

The open version of the gazebo does not have walls, and rails can be used as a enclosing structure that bind the basis of the roof and flooring. Such wooden arbors can look very elegant and beautiful with the use of professional skill, which provides the opportunity to realize the most extraordinary fantasies and wishes of the client.

This version of the gazebo is great for seasonal summer operating, as it is very comfortable here in the heat and rest in the fresh air calmly. In the event that you prefer to stay in the suburban estate constantly, then the best option would be to build a closed type of gazebo. Such arbors consist of continuous walls that can be half made of double -glazed windows that allow you to be comfortable in winter, and in the summer they can simply be removed, which allows you to relax well in the summer heat.