West insulation mineral wool

West insulation mineral wool

Currently, the construction market offers mineral wool as thermal insulation – a fibrous, environmentally friendly material used to warm structures.

Mineral wool has a number of advantages:

1. Minvata includes non -combustible silicate melts of rocks, thanks to them this material has fire resistant properties. Before repair, do not forget to find out how you can get a certificate for concrete. This information is very useful.

2. The insulation fully complies with quality standards. Not attacked by rodents, racks to hazardous substances and mushrooms.

3. Low moisture penetration – non -gigroscopic.

4. Has high soundproofing properties.

5. Perfectly conducts heat and saves it indoors.

6. Mineral wool does not harm a person and is absolutely safe, which determines its environmental friendliness.

7. The material is durable, operated for more than 70 years.

The use of mineral wool significantly reduces the consumption of electricity in residential or technical premises.

The technology of use consists of two stages – preparing the base and directly applying insulation. The first stage includes cleansing the surface of dirt, rust, fungus, metal elements are eliminated, old painting and plaster are washed off.

At the second stage, with the help of special plastic dowels, the profiles are fixed, the adhesive mixture is prepared, applied to the wrong side and glued to the wall. Then, glue is applied to the insulation and a reinforced mesh is pressed into it and again covered with glue. The finish line uses decorative plaster, which will give the walls a complete attractive look.