We align the ceiling yourself

We align the ceiling yourself

If you plan to independently level the ceiling, you can use the suspension ceiling system. You can also carry out wet work: plaster and surface putty. First you should clean the ceiling of whitewashing, paint and all kinds of pollution.

As you know, now woven wallpaper is widely used in the decoration. You can buy non -woven wallpaper on the given link. You will find quality products and low prices.

The problem is if the ceiling is painted with oil paint. Such paint based on olifa is made, so it penetrates deeply into concrete during staining. This contributes to poor clutch with other finishing materials. Here you can use only the frame system and mount the stretch ceiling.

No less problem are rust spots or spots after flooding from above. If they do not get rid of them, they can seep even through plaster or putty. Such places can be treated with copper sulfate, which is prepared in a ratio of 1:10. This will help in the fight against mold. If the spots arise for another reason, you will have to knock down the surface of the concrete with a soldering lamp.

Supervalious processing of fat spots. They can be removed with a 5% solution of calcified soda, heated to a temperature of 40 degrees. The mortar should be wiped thoroughly until it disappears completely.

Before applying putty or plaster from the ceiling, remove old wallpaper or whitewashing. The surface is cleaned and primed. After that, you can start wet work.