We use a corrugated pipe made of stainless steel

This is a relatively new plumbing material for Russia, which exceeds its analogues in many parameters. Invented in the 80s of the last century and is actively used in Japan, and transferred by European countries.

Steel and plastic pipes do not bend as easily as a corrugated pipe, so its installation is much simpler and cheaper.

The operation of such a pipe also does not have problems, and in seismically dangerous conditions and in the climate with sharp changes in the weather (temperature, humidity), this pipe behaves without tears and other accidents, stretching well or narrowing if necessary. Therefore, it is great for the water supply in both private and multi -storey buildings.

Flexible steel corrugated pipe withstands 10 to 65 bar pressure, -100m*k).

After reading about Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, looking at his photographs, you will probably be a desire to go there. And, perhaps, to translate part of the ideas on your garden plot.

There are special brass fittings for such a pipe on sale, reliably fastening pipes of certain diameters, allow you to restrain the hydraulic system and withstand the working pressure.

The more accurately to hold the following installation rules, the more durable the corrugated pipe in your house will be.

– The pipe should not have mechanical damage and creases.

– Fitting should have a complete set of parts.

– Accurate compliance of the installation technique specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Having finished installation, be sure to test the system.