We use sealants, adhesives and grouts for seams

Most owners of apartments that started repairs forget about trifles such as sealants, grouting and adhesives. But they withstand significantly large loads compared to decorative coatings.

Unfortunately, most of the houses built in Soviet times, and not so long ago, also “go” in spring and autumn, creating gaps. If the cracks are not large, then they can be treated with special sealants. They can increase with stretching by 1.5 times. Sold in different colors, including colorless (transparent). So picking up the desired shade will not be difficult.

For wide cracks, it is better to use the mounting foam. When buying, check the temperature mode of use and observe it. It is especially important for solariums and baths, which are so fashionable to arrange now instead of bathrooms.

When choosing adhesives, it is also worth considering some nuances. There are both universal adhesives and special. For example, wallpaper adhesives with additives that prevent the appearance of insects behind the wallpaper.

The wallpaper glue is also different – for heavy non -woven ones, only a special. On the box it will be written – non -woven. For vinyls, also their glue. And paper wallpapers can be glued almost anything, even with a clayer of flour.

Drywall, mineral wool, polymer plates are attached by the KNAUF Perlfix glue. Porcelain mosaic on a concrete wall or plaster, is well attached to the inexpensive glue Vetonit Fix or Vetonit Easy Fix from Finland.

For ceramic tiles or tiles made of natural stone, you should use glue junis 2000s.

If the tile is not laid in the junction, but with the seams, then they can be wiped to the level of the plates of ATLAS (Poland). It is suitable for both dry and wet rooms.

Grouts differ in color, as well as for narrow and wide seams.