What to do to prevent cracks during the construction of the house

What rules should be observed so that after building a building in the walls there are no cracks and many other defects? As they say, brevity of talent sister. Therefore, we will list the most important rules in this article.

Use quality materials that are suitable for this specificity of the building. Only materials of such types create the opportunity for a well -in preventing the formation of cracks. The amount of concrete and solution in relation to each other. How much concrete and other impurities will contain the mixture, it should be clarified and determined in advance.

Do not forget that large and small filler should not contain any unnecessary impurities and powders. The mixture should be as much as necessary, and the mass of the mixture should be homogeneous, without any lumps and solid particles. Plan and design the building itself. It should be immediately taken into account that the construction of the house should be carried out on a flat and dense surface of the earth in order to avoid cracks in the walls in the future. All of which the building will be built (for example, structures and materials) must comply with all the requirements and construction standards.

The presence of positive experience in construction. The house should be erected evenly throughout the foundation, while you need to observe all the basic norms and have good experience in the construction of country houses. Also do not forget that the weather greatly affects the walls during their construction. Therefore, do not carry out construction work in strong heat, cold or rain. These rules will help prevent the appearance of cracks in the building even when laying it.